Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Foodie Observations

Excellent gherkin, by the way. Photos tomorrow.

There are quite a few Basque restaurants in Barcelona. This is not terribly surprising, as Basque food is pretty widely acknowledged to be the best in Spain. Such reastaurants here pretty much invariably have nice decor and are rather upmarket, suggesting that there is a certain trendiness to it. In the actual Basque country, one can have the same food in a restaurant with less nice decor for half the money.

On the other hand, there may always have been a substantial number of Basque restaurants in Barcelona, but I simply did now know what Basque food looked like last time I was here. Travel does indeed broaden the mind.

This looks like it will be my last Spanish blog posting. I'll be back in London (late) this evening. I have had four days of lovely weather in one of my very favourite cities. Barcelona is truly a gorgeous place. I now have to get my act together very fast, either by taking the job on offer and returning to Australia, or by finding some work in London very fast. Anyway, see you tomorrow.

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