Sunday, January 11, 2004

Wireless is fun

I just applied for a job in London while sitting on a park bench in Barcelona. Cool!

Update: Of course, I also just blogged from a park bench in Barcelona. Sad!

Further update: None of my the people I normally do instant messaging chatting with are online. It would have been cool to do some of that from a park bench in Barcelona.

Even further update: It would also have been cool to post a photo of the park bench in Barcelona from which I am blogging but (sadly) I forgot to bring a USB cable with me to Barcelona. What I need is a wireless camera.

Yet further update: Blogging from a park bench in daylight is actually harder, and the ambient light level is fairly high, making my LCD screen a little hard to see. My digital camera has the same problem. However, it has a conventional viewfinder as well as the LCD screen, so one point for good design there. There would be no trouble in the grey of London, however. Mainly though, bring on Organic Electroluminescence.

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