Sunday, March 06, 2005

Back in London

Brief thoughts.

1) The Millau viaduct is simply mindblowing. You may know in advance how big and how high it is in terms of numbers, but when you see it it really blows you away. I have seen a lot of great works of engineering, but I cannot remember the last time I saw one that was simply as awe inspiring as this one.

2) After visiting places that produce fine food and drink, I have a tendency to buy the product in question in the shop on the way out. Rather predictably, this happened in Roquefort this afternoon. I thus have an impractically large block of cheese in my refrigerator.

3) In terms of what are the places where I have eaten the most overpriced food of the worst quality, the restaurant in the terminal at Toulouse airport this evening is going to be very hard to beat. (Many airport restaurants score highly on this score. None the less I recommend the airports at Rome and Bilbao as places where I have eaten excellent, reasonably priced food. It can be done.

4) Air travel is in many ways horrible. I had quite a few hassles and delays on this trip, and it was a little trying. None the less, for what it is it remains remarkable. This afternoon I drove across the Millau viaduct and went on a tour of somee of the caves in which cheese is ripened in Roquefort. Later I ate badly and expensively in Toulouse. I am now in my bed back in London.

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