Saturday, March 12, 2005

My life is backed up

My Finnish readers will be delighted to hear that I have backed up the contents of my laptop hard drive onto this little box you see presently sitting on top of my desktop PC.


It is a Lacie 160Gb USB 2.0 external hard drive. On the outside it claims to have "Desgign by F.A. Porsche", but it just appears to be a bog standard Maxtor 160Gb 2Mb Cache hard drive in a box, presumably with some fairly simple IDE to USB interface in the box also. I am almost tempted to open it and take a look.

Except if course there are no obvious screws, so I am not sure how to open it. This must be that design by F.A. Porsche.

Maplin Electronics will sell me a box with the interface built into it into which people can install their own bog standard hard drives, but this seemed too much trouble. (Also, I didn't remember that until now).

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