Sunday, January 19, 2003

A question to readers

Sometimes, when I load this webpage on my laptop, the top of the page appears (With "Michael Jennings" in large letters) and then there is a delay for twenty or thirty seconds in which nothing appears to be loading, before the rest of the page suddenly appears. Does anybody else notice this, or is it just something specific to do with my laptop and internet connection? The other possibility is that it has something to do with the assortment of features that I have attached to this page that come from ouside sources (comments, counter, geographical locator, pictures, search function etc), in which case I may want to figure out which feature is responsible and change it. If this is happening to you, it would be useful if you could let me know the combination of browser and operating system you are using. (I am using Internet Explorer 6 running on Windows ME, for instance).

Update It looks like it may have been that this photo of Miranda Otto was causing the problem. I was linking to the file in the Internet Movie Database, and it is now instead hosted at my ISP, so that may be an improvement. Plus I have shrunk the picture, although it was not a large file to start with. (As to why the globe in the top right hand corner of IE was not spinning when loading was still going on, I don't know. I will blame Microsoft for that one). If anyone is still having problems, please let me know.

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