Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Shane Warne is going to retire from one day cricket after the World Cup so as to prolongue his test career. This could mean either than his body is in a pretty bad way and he just wants to eke out another year or two, or he is still in decent shape, knows that it is the test career and not the one day career that matters, and was a bit shocked by the shoulder injury before Christmas and doesn't want to risk his test career by doing anything stupid. I hope it is the latter. Given that before the injury he was bowling better than he had in years, I am hopeful.

Warne is capable of being an idiot, but he is one of those extraordinay sportsmen who appear to have been blessed by the almighty. He comes on to bowl, and the crowd is silent, or everyone crowds around the television to watch. I wish he could play forever.

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