Saturday, January 25, 2003

Well, he seem to have the worst piece of internet sabotage since the Great Worm of 1988. (A vulnerability in a piece of Microsoft software has been taken advantage of. Where have I herad that before?) If we didn't know it already, the internet is pretty vulnerable. I tend to thing that the Al Qaeda's of the world as a general rule lack the technical capabilities to pull something like this off, however. As for the Aum Shinrikyos of the world, they are perhaps more worrying. (Dave Winer has some thoughts on the relative speeds with which the blogosphere and online media got the story compared to the conventional media. Of course, this is the type of story we really need the conventional media to be good at covering. In a situation only a little worse than this, we might have to rely on the conventional media, because the online media will simply not be functioning) By itself, this sort of attack is mainly irritating. If it were to happen in parallel with a series of military or terrorist attacks, however, its consequences could be very serious.

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