Wednesday, February 19, 2003

In the two days since Google acquired Blogger, I have had two posts eaten by Blogger for no apparent reason when I tried to post them, and I had a little period when I couldn't publish. The first thing that Google needs to do is fix these sorts of reliability issues. Secondly, they need to fix the archives bug. Then they need to add features so that what you get with Blogger is on a par with what you get with Moveable Type. Then they need to start experimenting with all the wonderful and interesting indexing and aggregation features the blogosphere has been talking about for two days.

However, they must start with reliability. We understand the reasons for the lack of reliability: five guys have been running and supporting a system with a million users. So, the first thing Google needs is to give Blogger more people, and more hardware. Moving blogspot onto Google's server farms sounds great.

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