Monday, February 17, 2003

Some of my readers will be relieved to know that cricket blogging will likely be lighter this week, as this week's matches are mostly games between good sides and minnows that will be fairly onesided and relatively uninteresting. If any of them actually turn out to be interesting, I may change my mind. Plus, if the proceedings against Shane Warne take place this week, I shall be commenting on that. The only interesting news today seems to be that New Zealand may play in Kenya after all. Their board isn't terribly keen on the idea, but most of the players apparently want to go, win the game, and make certain of their Super Six place.

New Zealand do have a bad history with respect to terrorist incidents occurring near where they are. In the mid 1990s a bomb exploded outside their hotel in Sri Lanka, and another bomb exploded outside their hotel in Pakistan last year. Neither of these attacks were aimed at them, but I understand why they might be a little nervous. I doubt they will be in much danger in Kenya, however.

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