Friday, February 21, 2003

Yesterday, in an internet cafe in Manchester I typed in the mild mannered URL

A Cyberpatrol screen came up, giving the following message.

Access Restricted

Reason: The website's content is inappropriate

Category: Hate Speech

To gain access to this site please speak to the
CyberPatrol Headquarters’ Administrator.

Hate speech? Okay, I know that Glenn Reynolds does hate Nazis. Also, he is not very fond of the United Nations, or the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. But seriously. Hate speech? I am in Manchester. Don't they know he writes for the Guardian ?

(I am starting to think that Glenn Reynolds genuinely will be the first President of the United States to go into space. It's either that or he will end up one of those weird William Gibsonesque media magnate figures who live in a vat of yeast outside Copenhagen and do all their business in virtual reality worlds In doing so, he will completely redefine the word "blogging". Actually, when I think about it some more, Copenhagen doesn't strike me as Glenn's kind of place. He's more a Tessier-Ashpool, cloning himself at Freeside station in orbit, than a Virek in Europe. That might explain how he does it. 1Glenn is the Law Professor. 2Glenn is the blogger. 3Glenn is the music producer. 4Glenn writes the op-ed pieces. 5Glenn has recently been cloned to write Now if I could only get him to link to me, that would be great).

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