Friday, June 27, 2003

More on The Passion

Long term readers will remember that a few months ago I wrote about Mel Gibson's upcoming film The Passion, which tells the story of Christ and is entirely in Latin and Aramaic. In particular, I wondered to what extent the content of the film would be influenced by the somewhat extreme Catholic sect to which Gibson belongs, and, given the extremely unpleasant views (holocaust denial, etc) of certain members of Gibson's family, whether the film would be anti-Semitic.

Aint it Cool News has pointed me to the first review of the film from someone who has actually seen it. (Follow up posting from the same person here). It's a good review, saying that the film is not anti-Semitic, that it is a fairly faithful telling of the Gospel of St John. Previous reports that the film would not have subtitles turn out to not be true. We are still not quite sure when we are going to see it, as distributors had previously shied away from it due to the controversy and perceived eccentricity of the project.

The film now sonds less eccentric, which in a way is a shame. I am now quite interested in seeing it.

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