Tuesday, June 24, 2003

A new blog

I have a piece on identity cards in Spain over at The White Rose. This is a new blog that has been set up (largely by Gabriel Syme of Samizdata) to oppose the gradual erosion of civil liberties that is occurring in Great Britain (and elsewhere). The blog is British focused, but is not intended to be exclusively British. We would love input from Australia or elsewhere. Plus, the blog is intended to be flexible in how it can be used. If people want to link from the White Rose to related stuff in their own blogs, this is fine - in fact it is encouraged. (This might not be a bad way for Australian bloggers to increase their British readership). If people want to write original stuff (perhaps with an Australian focus) for The White Rose, this is fine. If people want to republish stuff from their own blogs, this too is fine.

Therefore, if anyone is interested in becoming a contributor, please either let me know, or contact Gabriel (gabriel at samizdata dot net) directly. Note also that although Samizdata is aimed at "people of a libertarian mindset", The White Rose is not, necessarily. It is aimed at people who are protective of their civil liberties, be they conservative, liberal, socialist, communist, anarchist, or whatever.

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