Wednesday, June 25, 2003

A worthy cause

In the trial of the accused Bali bombers, going on in Indonesia, the defendents have spent most of their time staring blankly in court, and occasionally chanting "Allahu akbar". Jake Ryan, a footballer from the Gold Coast in Queensland who lost a good friend (and was himself wounded in the blast) finally lost his temper last week, and in a breach of Indonesian court etiquette walked close to alleged bombing field commander Imam Samudra as he was being led out of court and told him that "You're a fucking dog, mate, you are going to die, you fuck."

Tim Blair has been leading efforts on the internet to raise money from people who share Mr Ryan's sentiments to buy beer for him and his football team. At the moment, the fund is up to $A825, including a (small) contribution from me, which should get them a goodly amount of beer. This is a worthy cause that I strongly endorse.

Update: In the Bali terrorist attack, Jake Ryan lost his right heel, had other people's bones embedded in his legs and shrapnel pierced his abdomen, and was on crutches for four months. Expressions like "evil scum" don't begin to describe the people who did this.

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