Friday, July 09, 2004

I seem to have found an at least temporary quasi-career

Which is that for the moment at least I am in the custom PC building / PC tech support business. If anyone in London would like me to set up a wired or wireless network, or to build them a custom PC (Requests for interesting or unusual form factors, or strange hardware configurations, or high end gaming systems, or other things that one does not find in Dixons are welcomed by me, and indeed considered to be fun), or upgrade an existing one, or to repair a desktop PC that is not working, or even to solve complicated software problems, I can offer competitive rates.

(I can also provide advice and setup services with respect to home entertainment systems, including high and extremely high end ones. These may or may not include a PC of some sort, although I suspect that in future many of them will).

And I'm pretty good.

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