Thursday, March 20, 2003

Here we go

Well, the war has started. It appears the intention was to start it this evening (ie Thursday) but instead they launched an attack last night because they thought they knew Saddam Hussein's location and wanted to take him out and so fired some missiles soon after the 48 hour deadline expired. The all out attack looks like it will be this evening, and I suspect it will take place immediately after dark. However, this gives us a window in which the war has clearly started and action by Saddam Hussein is clearly retaliation and not preemptive, but in which the main war starts. At the moment, is seems a few missiles are being fired in the direction of Kuwait (conventional weapons only, thankfully), and he may try firing something at Israel today, in the event that he has any Scud missiles that actually work.

I am not sure how to cover this. I will give my thoughts, but I am not sure how useful it is to repeat what the rest of the blogosphere are also covering (some of who know a lot more about what is happening than I do). If I just carry on talking about cricket and movies - particularly if the oscars take place on Sunday) - then there is perhaps a feeling that I am concentrating too much on trivia when more serious things are going on. Trust that I am not: the war is my most important concern right now.

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