Thursday, March 20, 2003

A total of ten missiles of various kinds have apparently been fired from Iraq to Kuwait today. Two of them have apparently been shot down with Patriot missiles. This success rate doesn't surprise me much, but what does surprise me is that a higher success rate has not been claimed.

Some of the missiles have supposedly been Scuds. However, if Saddam does have working Scuds, I find it very surprising that they have been fired at Kuwait and not fired at Israel. We were all expecting Saddam to try to bring Israel into the war. However, this has not happened. It may still do so, but for now this seems curious.

One possibility is that the missiles fired at Kuwait were not actually Scuds. This piece from Steven Den Beste about what we should and shouldn't believe in terms of news coverage of the war is pertinent, particularly his suggestion that you should wait at least six hours before beginning to believe any report of a Scud.

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