Thursday, March 20, 2003

A peculiar interlude

Clearly, a huge number of presidents and ministers had prepared speeches, parliaments had scheduled meetings, and news organisations had plans for blanket coverage as soon as the war actually started. The missile assault last night has triggered all these things. However, although the Iraqis are firing a missile or two at Kuwait, not much has happened since. We are getting blanket round the clock television coverage of not much. Lots of footage of Kuwait City, with occasional sirens going on when there is an alert. It is rather peculiar. Everyone is nervous, and something is going to happen in the next 24 hours. But, mostly, we are still waiting.

As for the missile attacks themselves, we are hearing reports coming out of Iraq that there was one civilian killed. This seems kind of odd. Normally I would expect a statement coming out of Iraq that "These unprovoked and cowardly attacks on a civilian target killed 47 innocent children. This was a crime against humanity". The fact that we are not getting such claims almost suggests to me that the attacks really did take out someone important.

Update: Matt Drudge has found some suggestions along these lines, too.

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