Sunday, March 30, 2003

Wallow in it all you like, Brian

Brian Micklethwait applauds the England rugby team's grand slam.He is welcome to enjoy it. England clearly have an excellent rugby team. He also wonders whether Saddam Hussein is a rugby fan.

I have never seen anything about Arab fanatics being rugby people, actually. (This is probably a good thing, because the thought of an al Qaeda rugby dinner for some reason frightens me). They tend to go for football. Osama bin Laden is (or, hopefully, was) an Arsenal supporter, and Manchester United appear to be particularly popular with Palestinian suicide bombers (scroll to the very end of the article for a bizarre couple of last paragraphs). Given the enthusiasm with which young Uday has had the Iraqi national team tortured, I would assume the Hussein family are (or, again hopefully, were) also football people. I don't know what team they support, though. Probably some woosy club like Newcastle.

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