Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Let's make fun of The Matrix some more

I have just found the Irritatingly Stupid Movie Physics site. I have long been annoyed by irritatingly stupid movie physics, mainly because most filmmakers simply don't seem to care. If breaking the laws of physics is necessary to get the plot of the movie to work, then okay. However, most bad movie physics is simple carelessness. The filmmakers don't know any science, and they do not think their audience will either, so they just get it wrong.

As a fun example, this site is critical of the whole "human batteries" idea that supports the plot of The Matrix. They make essentially the same criticisms that I have made, but they come up with a much better simile than anything I managed.

To cover itself, the movie throws in a quick mention that the human energy source powering the machines is combined with a source of fusion. This is like getting on a 747 and having the captain explain in great detail that the plane is rubber band powered, then add that it also has four jet engines.

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