Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Cricket Blogging

I have barely mentioned the game of cricket since the end of the World Cup, because it has been a relatively quiet time in international cricket. Since the end of that tournament there have been various things going on with series being scheduled and cancelled, captains and coaches sacked and appointed and the like, but there has been no international cricket. I haven't reported on the comings and goings because I was rather cricketed out.

However, things are about to change, as a one day tournament will start in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates tomorrow, another tournament in Bangladesh in a week, and the test series between Australia and the West Indies in a week. This is fairly typical, as at most times there is international cricket going on at various places in the world, a lot of it consisting of fairly meaningless (but profitable) one day tournaments. (Australia participates in relatively few tournaments like this, because Australian cricket does not need the money. Traditionally England has participated in relatively few such tournaments for the same reason, but England cricket is having a financial crisis, so we may see them participate in a few more).

Of the three events mentioned, Australia versus West Indies is a big deal, and because of that and because Australia are participating, I will be covering it in a reasonable amount of detail. (Scott Wickstein is already covering the leadup to the series over at Ubersportingpundit). If anything extraordinary happens in the other tournaments, I will be mentioning that, too.

One nice thing that did come out of that tournament was quite unexpected to me though, which was that it made my audience more international rather than less. I had expected that my cricket discussions would only be read by Australians and the odd Englishmen, but as it happened by the end I had readers from New Zealand, India, South Africa and probably other places as well. For that reason, when I cover cricket here I will continue to give it as international focus as possible. Certainly I will continue to be biased towards Australia, but I will still cover world cricket in general.

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