Saturday, March 19, 2005

We haven't quite figured out the wireless business model.

I am now in an entirely different Starbucks clone in Hollywood Road. (The whole mid-levels / Hollywood Road / SoHo area in Hong Kong really is yuppie expat heaven). This one has free internet terminals for customers. This is a nice touch, and compliments to them. It also has wireless internet access. However, this is for pay wireless internet access. So it seems they will offer me a terminal plus internet access for nothing above the cost of a cup of coffee, but if I provide my own computer the internet access itself will cost money. That's a new one.

And yes, I do actually spend the majority of my time outside coffee shops, even when travelling. Really.
I am in Hong Kong.

This is one of my very favourite cities in the world. Specifically, I am using a free hotspot in a Starbucks clone on a ferry pier on Hong Kong island. Today I have been to Cheung Chau island, and I am about to get an escalator to the mid levels. (Someone one expects that sentence to have been written by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World somewhere). More later.

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