Sunday, February 28, 2010


Patrick Crozier and I recently recorded a conversation about the following of English football outside Europe - particularly in Asia. This can be found here

And, on Samizdata I have been trying to be enigmatic. The story behind this is that several years ago, after I posted one of my annual recaps, there was a joking discussion in the comments trying to figure out what I was doing in those places. One suggestion was that I was a secret agent, and that someone should perhaps attempt to compare my movements with assassinations and other mysterious events around the world. This was amusing. However, in January this year, it happened that I was in Dubai at the exact moment (presumably Mossad) were staking out a particular hotel for an assassination. In fact, I walked past the hotel in question at 3am on the day before the assassination, purely by coincidence. I didn't take a photograph of the hotel in question, but the blurry photograph I posted is of a place quite close. So, for once, my movements did coincide with such an event.

I am not sure this post worked though.

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