Friday, February 03, 2012

They are still doing it after all this time.

An old complaint, but I live in the UK and most of my family live in Australia. In such circumstances, the DVD is the perfect gift for birthdays and Christmases and such. It is inexpensive, lightweight and easily mailed, and provides you with an opportunity to give a thoughtful gift if you understand the tastes of the recipient.

That the movie industry (with its stupid region coding) actually tried (and tries, to some extent) to stop me from doing this, just boggles the mind. Seriously, this is an industry that is too dumb to live. (I make no comment on the morality of anything, merely on their dumbness).

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Anonymous said...

If you google the make and model of your dvd player you can probably hack it and make it region neutral. I think this is more to do with dvd player production than the dvd's themselves, probably to stop china flooding every market with cheap dvd players.

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